– Challenging Enterprising Women will challenge the monoculture of female media offering truly relevant content.

Influential women need fuel for visions, inspiration and personal development – more than sex, shopping and motherhood.

Our goal is to become the favorite online media of enterprising women – penetrating a market where competition is low.

Knowledge and knowhow

Communitywomen is based on a common mindset.

An inviting, social universe, build on vision, perspective and engagement connecting women by new possibilities of inter-acting, enlarging their world through knowledge and knowhow.

Communitywomen means power for women to act on a constantly changing global scene with almost endless possibilities.

Who are we talking to?

Communitywomen is aiming towards all engaged, dynamic women, mainly at the age of 25-50+. Many of these are internationally active from CPH to New York, from Singapore to Berlin, seizing the moment, they are in, looking for new experiences of work, friends and family – having new boarders to push and explore.


The Times of Hillary


When was the last time you were truly challenged by a woman’s media? My humble bet is that it’s probably a long time ago – if ever through the last many years.
Few years ago in Copenhagen, we published the groundbreaking Community Magazine where we actually succeeded setting new standards for women’s magazines.
Thus bringing articles of politics, business and other heavy features into the traditional female world of fashion and family, was then rather unseen – which it somehow, funny enough, still is.
Worldwide app 60-70 % of all students of universities and business schools are women. Never the less we are still doomed to traditional women’s media with no other calories but sex and shopping as the apparent meaning with our global, female existence.
Recently I did a documentary about the British photographer, surrealist and model for Live Magazine of the 20’ties and muse of Man Ray, Lee Miller.
Working for American Vogue, as a highly acclaimed war correspondent, she was one of the first photographers to enter the concentration camps of the Nazis, and her horrifying shootings was brought in Vogue, followed by a variety of reportages from Europe, in the years of world war II.
Image stories like that in a woman’s magazine 2013?
Even so it certainly seems absurd that some women’s magazines at least at that point were more visionary then, why it’s certainly about time to challenge the status quo at this point.
Transforming our ideas into a vivid, social media with a variety of relevant worlds to unfold, our intention is to build up a whole new, international world for women – in order to surprise and connect – to reach out and receive.
Please keep us posted with any suggestions you might have before our launch in September. We’re looking for bloggers and valid professional relations in order to make our community grow.

Helle Retbøll Carl
Editor in Chief