Content Strategy

Attitude is Everything

The global need for Communitywomen is reflected by various minor, international networks mushrooming on the internet. We’ll clearly separate from these by a strong professional profile plus wide reaching, diverse views, as all editorial content will be managed with dynamic, journalistic flair.
Customization and personal impact on content is of crucial importance. The meeting between social media and the content based media actually creates immense possibilities for networking and interaction.
CommunityWomen will inspire our members to look for content as members are offering content and knowhow themselves – generating even more interaction.
Through user engagement activities we will extend the time, where users stay tuned.

Hightech Software Development

Launching September 2013, Communitywomen will proudly present a row of new interesting features, building and enlarging our content and community.
Through the spectacular new software system Equalshare we will be facilitating communication between sender and receiver and global, relevant crowdsourcing.


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