Key personnel

The basic staff of Communitywomen consists of three partners/employees and a range of specialists attached on freelance and project basis.

Founder and CEO of Communitywomen Helle Retbøll Carl will be instrumental in bridging journalistic high quality content, translating the results of the advanced theoretical research from EQUALSHARE with the practical value for our users.

Partner Lene Bausager, an expert regarding business development and networking within the media, film and advertising industry, will be a key person in bridging content creation, production and financing possibilities.

Lars Stærbo, journalist and prizewinner of Danish TV Oscar, is concept developer, strategic advisor and also the driver and creative force behind EQUALSHARE, facilitating communication within global crowdsourcing.

The founder of Communitywomen, Helle Retbøll Carl, is one of Denmark’s most experienced journalists and TV-producers within a large variety of media projects.

As the woman behind hundreds of programs, Helle Retbøll Carl has been spanning from portraits and interviews with both Danish and international personalities, politicians and business executives to well researched TV-documentaries on e.g. treatment of breast cancer in public Danish health care.

In 2007 Helle Retbøll Carl created the highly innovative Community Magazine offering engaging, challenging content so far unseen in a women’s magazine, still maintaining her position as an highly professional producer of interviews & features for National, Danish Television.

Among the notable personalities Helle Retbøll Carl has visited and interviewed you’ll find names like Jack Nicholson, Woody Allen, writers as Isabel Allende & John Irving, including Paul McCartney, Madonna, Sting, Elton John and Liza Minnelli from the scene of music.

Last year Helle Retbøll Carl featured legendary, British Photographer, model and surrealist, Lee Miller, and currently she’s doing a major, international, documentary of Danish Bestseller-writer, Jussi Adler-Olsen.

Lene Bausager is a highly regarded Oscar nominated film producer with over 15 years of extensive production experience in film and TV in her company Ugly Duckling Films. Lene has developed a wealth of connections within the creative industry, and is a great asset for Community Women’s development.

Establishing herself firmly in the production trade since 1995, Lene has produced a diversity of commercials, live concerts and documentaries for award-winning directors Sean Ellis, Johan Renck, Jonas Ackerlund and Baillie Walsh through Ridley Scott’s RSA Films, as well as leading promo production companies such as Black Dog.

Lene’s feature film work began in 2002, and as an independent film maker, she is known for an eclectic mix of several critically acclaimed feature films, ranging from dark thrillers to quirky comedies. The short film Cashback was nominated for the 2006 Academy Award.

Ugly Duckling Films continues to maintain an active development slate of exciting upcoming feature films, TV and gaming projects.

As former news editor at TV2 Denmark and TV-producer at Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR, Lars has long been a key figure within the world of Danish media.

Hundreds of stories for national news and loads of TV-documentaries have influenced his valid journalistic approach within his present position as strategic advisor for a variety of major Danish companies just as EQUALSHARE is based upon these qualified, journalistic experiences.

Building up the platform we’re teaming up with a range of diverse companies on innovation, branding, digital and IPstrategy such as UK-based Branding Consultancy Nucleus, mobile apps from Latvisoft as Danish Sentio Lab, including Anja Hoffmann, former Manager of Business and Concept Development at DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and Manager of Sales and Business Development at Daily Business Borsen.


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