Satirical Webisodes

Satirical Webisodes

[column] has yet another, surprising feature: a series of short fictional films – so called ‘webisodes’- exclusively created for our platform and partners:

THE SELFSUFFICIENT is a slightly black comedy on modern, self obsessed women being currently developed by experienced writers in collaboration with long established UK producers.

Our leading ladies are a bunch of female icebreakers, who’re constantly struggling with their own incomprehensible self obsession, wrestling any man – including their own husbands. Introducing:

The Anesthetist Ditte Overgaard, a true career woman desperately fighting for eternal youth and a major consumer of – especially – young men

The Bohemian, Susanne Holst Hartmann, the “could have been really famous painter”, but now she’s finally got the chance – so here comes trouble

The Business Coach Maibritt Kleinfeldt Ltd., a chronic workaholic living through her computer, coaching clients over Skype, collecting everything from digital self development to constantly disappointing dates

The Prosecutor Rose, strong as an ox, playing truly helpless catching a man

The Upper Class Buddhist, PA, works in a major international company, struggling with her own never-ending overspending and debt.

The Insurance Culsultant Asger Lorentzen, expert in keeping up appearances in front of everyone but his wife

The Dumb Blonde, Francisco G. Jorgensen, beautiful and rich stockbroker, worked by women who want his money and body, but not his brain

The Shipping Man, Christian Holst Hartmann, successful but bald businessman, who’s planning a hair transplant on the sly

Mc’Cloud, novelist and blogger, charming “expert” on women and relationships: an unattainable cowboy with no intentions to change his life.

THE SELFSUFFICIENTis developed by Kari Vidø and Helle Retbøll Carl in close collaboration with Lene Bausager, Ugly Duckling Films, supported by the National Danish Film Institute. Partnerships will be initiated in all facets of our product activities in order to optimize the level of content, generating offers to our users.